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Attachments can either be adhesive or mechanical fasteners depending on the specifications of the manufacturer and the respective CCMC report. The adhesive or mechanical fasteners act as attachments to the insulation boards.

Insulation Boards

The insulation boards used are geometrically defined. This entails that the EIFS allows for drainage in order to evacuate accidental wind driven rain and/or moisture. The design of the geometrically defined drainage insulation boards depends on each manufacturer’s EIFS.


The lamina consists of the Fibreglass Mesh, Base Coat, Primer (optional) and Finish Coat.

Fibreglass Mesh

The Mesh allows the lamina to contract and retract to eliminate cracking.

Base Coat

The Base Coat acts as a reinforcing layer to the Insulation Board and imbeds the Fibreglass Mesh. This coating requires on average 24 hours to cure.


The primer acts as a coloured paint layer that is applied before the Finish Coat. This stage is optional depending on the Finish Coat colour chosen.

Finish Coat

The Finish Coat is the final stage that creates the aesthetic beauty of the building. It is a flexible coating that has unsurpassed longevity due to its high content in polymer. This coating requires on average 24 hours to cure.

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